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Soul on the Road Wonder Tour

Doing one of my drive-abouts. Arguably, most about the joy of a long-distance drive through beautiful and interesting country, and, significantly, a way to take my eyes on the road. So far, The Drive: 4 Stars; Driving the Drive: 5 Stars.


Reblog: Three Poems for Elemental Eye

Thanks to Jen Rosenberry. Check out her blog and wonderful poetry at Blog It or Lose It.

Three Poems for Elemental Eye

Light from Earth’s flushed heart /
struggles through glassy oceans /
only to be caged /
by man’s cruel iron bars. /
But are we bound too? //

Window: Abstract.  All photos on this page are by Peter D. Freeman, Elemental Eye.


Holiest spaces /
bristling with thousands of spears: /
where are weapons aimed? /
At unnamed evil circling? /
Or something darker? //

Gothic Cathedral.


Icy misfortune /
scours beautiful edges: gone. /
Survivor remains: //
polished, gentle, middle-gray. /
Scars and longing still linger. //

Receding Glacier: Alberta, Canada.


I finally figured out how to display my images in the e-mails
sent to followers of my blog without your needing to click over to the site.
I hope following my work will be less hassled in the future.

Thanks for your patience and indulgence.

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