Foundry Door

Foundry Door


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7 thoughts on “Foundry Door

      1. I sometimes see people who hold out on selling and thus have a house and barn sitting in the middle of a big box store.

    1. Thanks, Jen. I haven’t been plugged in much the last couple of weeks. I’m caught up in researching workplace bullying and “mobbing” and how I might be helpful as a clinician and organization consultant.

      I hope you are well.

      1. Having a rough week, Peter, but doing as well as can be expected, all in all. Thanks for asking — hey, the end of the tunnel can’t be too far away …..

        Good luck with the research!!!! Workplace bullying is more prevalent than people realize — I hope you’ll have an opportunity to help people who are being bullied.

        When you said “mobbing” I wasn’t sure what you meant at first so I did a really brief search online … wow … this article looked all too familiar:

        Anyway. I’m glad to see you online 🙂

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