Green Grass

Green Grass

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9 thoughts on “Green Grass

  1. Hello Peter — I absolutely love this image! Would you allow me to include the photo on my own blog — with credit to you and a link to your blog? I write haiku and this photo screams out to me. If not, I understand. Your photos are wonderful!

      1. Wonderful! Thank you so much!
        This particular image reminds me of grass that used to grow up next to a building from my childhood. 🙂
        Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Every time I run through my Reader, I can tell which pictures are yours before I even read the name of the blog … my eye is drawn to them! the green against the white is so pretty!

      1. Glad you liked it! Sorry for the delay in responding; I’m finally mostly recovered from a migraine. 🙁

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